For many at-risk youth, the barriers on the road to success are beyond their means to overcome on their own. Faced with increasing rental costs, decreasing vacancy rates, and often never having the chance to learn the life skills that would allow them to be self-sufficient, many youth find themselves in unstable and unsafe living conditions.

In partnership with Eastern Health and the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation and a private landlord, the Transitional Housing Program provides youth with supportive, communal living opportunities in five housing units in downtown St. John’s. Daily visits from our staff foster a sense of belonging and community while maintaining safety and stability. In addition to the houses managed by the Transitional Housing team, many more youth are assisted in finding safe, affordable housing within the private rental markets. This program continues to be an essential service for young people.

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Transitional Housing

Finding safe, affordable housing for youth has become very challenging with increasing rent costs and decreasing vacancy rates. In January 2011, Choices for Youth — in partnership with Eastern Health and the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation — created the Transitional Housing Program, which provides communal living arrangements for youth in four NL Housing units. The program also works with private landlords to create housing opportunities for young people in the broader community. The program provides safe housing options, combined with mentoring and staff support, to encourage and develop the ability of youth to live independently.

Transitional HousingAs part of the program, staff and mentors help create a sense of belonging and community living through daily visits and check-ins with the youth, weekly house meals and meetings. This helps to maintain a basic standard of safety and cleanliness in all four units, while teaching and encouraging life skills. The program successfully housed 11 young people this past year, and assisted many others to find and maintain safe,affordable housing in the community.

Program Contact
Cheryl Coleman
754-3047, ext. 23

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