Focusing on long-term solutions means helping young people find a starting point to achieve their goals. Through the Train for Trades program, 10 at-risk youth attend the Carpenters Millwrights College for fundamental safety and construction training, and are engaged with on-the-job training in real construction projects. The Train for Trades team has tackled projects including The Lilly renovation and is in a  significant partnership with Newfoundland and Labrador Housing, doing energy-efficiency retrofitting of low-income units.

The success of Train for Trades has been undeniable, with three youth accepted into post-secondary studies and two directly entering the construction industry. This is due to the unique and intensive support model staff uses to guide youth through the transition to sustainable, long-term employment.

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Choices for Youth initiated an innovative project in June 2008 called Train for Trades, in which 10 youth identified as “at-risk” were provided basic safety and construction training at the Carpenters Millwrights College, as well as employment through the renovation of the Lilly Building. During the process, Train for Trades offered a unique, intensive support model where the youth received the necessary guidance to attain their goals. The success of the project was undeniable, with three of the youth accepted into post-secondary studies, as well as two being offered employment in the trades industry.

The primary goal of Train for Trades is to help youth navigate and transition from dependency on income support and other systems, to long-term sustainable and viable employment, by reducing barriers and increasing employability. Building on this model, upon completion of the original Lilly Building project, Choices redesigned the program in Phase II to focus on the energy efficiency retrofits of Newfoundland & Labrador Housing Corporation units. This created a three-tiered benefit offering exceptional training and employment to at-risk youth while providing energy-efficient homes that allow low-income families to save on home-heating costs. Through a partnership with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and NL Housing, Train for Trades has completed home energy efficiency retrofits on 30 NL Housing units. Phase III of the project will result in another 60 retrofitted units and 10 youth receiving valuable training and hands-on work experience as highly skilled labourers in the construction industry. Train for Trades will be developing into a “Social Enterprise” as the program moves ahead.

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