Getting life back on track means first taking care of the most basic needs—a warm place to sleep, a cooked meal, and a helping hand. Our Shelter for Young Men provides a safety net for young people who find themselves in need of emergency shelter.

Since it opened in 2004, this nine-bed facility has been occupied over 90% of the time, with more than 300 admissions every year. Staying for up to one month, residents work with staff to find stable, longer-term housing, connect with financial services, and become linked with other programs within Choices for Youth to find more permanent solutions and work towards healthy, prosperous living.

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When a young person is in crisis, with limited support and few options, they need a place to go where they can find emergency assistance—a place to stay, a hot meal and someone to talk to. The Shelter for Young Men is an emergency shelter for youth between the ages of 16 and 29 who are homeless and need support. The shelter is a nine-bed facility which operates at full capacity most of the time, with an annual occupancy rate of over 90%. Youth can stay at the shelter for up to a month while working on a housing plan. During that time, the residents work with staff to get connected to financial services to enable them to find appropriate housing in the community. Often, youth who stay at the shelter will get linked to other Choices programs and community resources to help them transition to, and maintain, alternate living arrangements.

Despite the wrap-around approach to support, many young men continue to have difficulty maintaining their housing, as is evidenced by our shelter readmission rate of over 60%. While the lack of safe and affordable housing is a contributing factor to this problem, it also speaks to the need for additional supports to help people stay in their housing situation. Since opening in May 2004, the shelter has experienced over 300 admissions every year. The shelter operates through the use of a harm-reduction philosophy, which recognizes the complexity of issues and social barriers youth face and how this contributes to their homelessness. The shelter is an essential service in our community, as it provides a safety net for young men who find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances and need an emergency option to get their lives back on track.

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