For most youth who pass through our doors, Outreach and Youth Engagement is their gateway into Choices for Youth. Many young people facing personal crises may often feel helpless and are unaware they have options. Outreach and Youth Engagement focuses on connecting with these young people and building a caring relationship of mutual trust while meeting the youth “where they are.”

Often a first point of contact, Outreach and Youth Engagement supports and advocates for youth and helps them identify and begin moving toward their goals. Working with government and community partners, this program addresses major life concerns, including housing, employment, education, life skills, lifestyle choices, and mental health and addictions supports. It also provides peer mentoring.

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Getting connected and building relationships with young people is the most important work we do. Through these associations, we can support them and help them feel empowered while identifying and working toward their goals. The Outreach and Youth Engagement program at Choices for Youth is often the first point of contact for many at-risk young people who are involved in street life and in need of help. Our Outreach and Youth Engagement team aims to design programming that best suits the needs of each and every youth. They focus on advocacy and work with our government and community partners—such as Advanced Education and Skills, the Addiction Services/Recovery Centre, and Child Youth and Family Services—to engage youth in the services they need. This helps them find appropriate support while addressing such necessities as housing, employment, education, life skills and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Peer Mentoring program is an integral part of our outreach efforts. Peer Mentoring gives youth the opportunity to gain meaningful job and life skills. It also helps them to shape their own goals while working toward independence. The program co-instructs a weekly cooking class for at-risk youth and works with one to three young people per week to prepare meals each day for individuals accessing the drop-in services at the Youth Services Centre.

Program Contact(s)
Jill Doyle
Co-Coordinator / Social Worker
754-3047, ext. 24

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