Moving Forward provides intensive support for the many at-risk youth who struggle with complex mental health issues, and assists them in learning valuable life skills, based on their specific needs.

Facing significant obstacles every day, many youth have never enjoyed stability in their lives. Moving Forward works with youth aged 16 to 21, helping them make the necessary steps to thrive in successful, independent living.

Youth are assisted in acquiring and maintaining housing, and are connected with health, education, and employment services.

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Moving ForwardA specialized program with intensive support options and resources has proven to be effective in preparing young people for successful, independent living. The Moving Forward program offers this type of support to youth with complex mental health challenges to help them overcome significant obstacles and provide more stability in their lives. Our program staff work with youth aged 16-21 to acquire and maintain housing, as well as to connect with health, education, employment and other services. These young people also receive assistance in learning valuable life skills, based on their specific needs.

Moving Forward works in partnership with Eastern Health to assist five young people for Moving Forwardone year. The program participants can attribute their success to tangible, community- engagement strategies, such as the Monday night cooking group. In addition to helping youth master culinary skills, this well-attended group challenges their social comfort levels in a safe and friendly environment. Moving Forward also measures participants’ successes through the use of the “Outcomes Star” system. This innovative tool effectively tracks changes the young people make in such areas as daily social interactions, development of life skills, and finding and maintaining employment and housing.

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Paula Soper
754-0446, ext. 204

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