Momma Moments aims to empower young pregnant and parenting women to effectively care for their children and improve their healthy living skills. These pregnant and parenting women, who include teenagers and women in their early twenties, often experience great challenges in caring for their children. Such hurdles include living in poverty and feeling disconnected from other young moms who they can talk to and with whom they can share parenting experiences. They also must contend with raising their children alone without a partner, and with very limited social and family support.

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Momma Moments was started in response to the significant number of pregnant and parenting young women who come to Choices for support. These moms have identified an extensive gap in programs and support groups that enable them to ease social isolation and find healthy ways to interact with other moms. They also expressed difficulty in being able to connect in a safe environment where they can enjoy much-needed breaks from the rigors of raising children.

Choices is currently running a group in St. John’s and Conception Bay South. They run in eight-week intervals and each session accommodates up to 10 participants. The groups meet once a week for two hours.

In addition to reducing their social isolation and providing a safe environment to engage in healthy recreational activities, Momma Moments offers the young mothers opportunities to share information about parenting amongst themselves and with Choices staff, while providing support throughout the program. Opportunities for shared learning experiences are among a few of the activities we run including guest speakers and workshops on a variety of topics to promote parent and family-building skills, as well as mental health, physical health and nutrition. Outside of the sessions, Choices staff continue to help participants make connections within the surrounding community supports and relevant services.


Program Contact
Jeannie Piercey
Program Facilitator
754-3047, ext. 22

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