Jumpstart  is a pre-employment program in which youth receive mentorship and learn basic employability skills, enabling them to transition to long-term employment and stability. This 15-week program works intimately with eight youth who gain insight from three Jumpstart Mentors (past participants of the program). Jumpstart focuses on building work portfolios and developing real skills in property maintenance, home repairs, carpentry, gardening, cooking, and food safety.

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The Jumpstart program is a pre-employment initiative that prepares youth who are street-involved, living in unstable environments, and face waning prospects of joining the workforce and/or returning to school to get back on track. The program supports young people in a familiar, comfortable environment and helps them gain basic employment skills that will enable them to transition to other, longer-term employment programs and opportunities.

This program runs for a 15 week period throughout the year with eight participants during each session. The sessions are supported by three youth mentors who have already gone through the program. The program is integrated into Outreach and Youth Engagement and focuses on training opportunities in cooking, property maintenance, and personal development. These opportunities give youth tangible work experience in household repairs, carpentry and gardening, developing a personal work portfolio, and meal preparation and food safety. The food prepared daily as part of Jumpstart is served to the many youth who utilize our drop-in centre.

Program Contact
Jeannie Piercey
Program Facilitator
754-3047, ext. 22

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