Helping Youth At-Risk

For a city that doesn’t appear to have a significant homeless population, the shelters, food banks, and drop-in services in St. John’s are constantly being stretched to meet the needs of those lacking a safe and secure home.

Youth in crisis face challenges that are hard to imagine. There are many different factors that can jeopardize stability in a young person’s life. Often having left home situations that are abusive, unstable or inappropriate, youth abandon their education when food and shelter become their main concerns. Very quickly, while living on the street, young people can fall into street culture and the issues can multiply – drug addictions, prostitution, and crime can seem like easy solutions to the poverty, isolation, and hopelessness that many youth face when they live on the streets.

These are the young people who come to Choices for Youth.

Choices has a primary mandate to work with youth who have experienced, and continue to experience, substantial barriers and trauma in their lives, including:

  • Breakdowns in family situations
  • Homelessness
  • Lack of safe / supportive environments
  • Ongoing experiences with the justice system
  • Impact of FASD, learning disabilities, mental health issues
  • Anger issues and violent behaviour
  • Sense of isolation from the community
  • Lack of attachment to stabilizing influences in their lives
  • Academic difficulties or alienation from the educational system
  • Inability to find or maintain employment
  • Lack of positive role models or opportunities to make healthy life choices

Choices for Youth is dedicated to making long-term positive changes in these young people’s lives.

With your help, we can make a difference.