Empowering Youth

Choices for Youth is dedicated to supporting growth and restoring hope in the lives of at-risk youth.

Our organization is based on the philosophy that all young people have a right to:

  • Safe housing
  • A standard of living that promotes physical, mental, emotional/psychological, and social development
  • An environment that fosters mutual accountability, responsibility, independence, equality, dignity, tolerance, peace and respect
  • Protection from abuse
  • Participation in decision-making that affects their lives
Providing Choices

We provide strong, stable, and diversified support systems to help at-risk youth overcome major challenges in their lives. Because every young person’s story is unique, we give them the personal support they need to stabilize and enhance their lives through informed and empowered choices.

Our services include:

  • Helping young people find stable, safe housing
  • Mediating conflicts with landlords
  • Providing youth with basic necessities: food, clothing, shower, and laundry facilities
  • Providing emergency shelter to young men and referrals for shelter to young women
  • Helping youth access financial support to stabilize their immediate situation
  • Supporting young people as they work on family relationships and communication with family members
  • Supporting youth through day-to-day issues and conflict resolution
  • Assisting youth with referrals for services such as drug treatment or healthcare services
  • Attending medical, legal, and other appointments with youth
  • Supporting young people’s efforts to make healthier life choices
  • Assisting young people to obtain proper I.D. to access financial support and healthcare services
  • Creating and encouraging employment and educational opportunities

Choices for Youth’s Harm Reduction philosophy accepts youth in need regardless of what current decisions they are making. Building a relationship of respect and trust, staff encourage youth to transition into the services we offer at their own pace.

Striving for Change

Recognized across Canada, Choices for Youth strives for innovative solutions to the many housing, education, employment, and other challenges at-risk and homeless youth face. Facilities like our Youth Services Centre unite multiple organizations to provide the strongest possible support programs for at-risk youth. These unique approaches have earned Choices for Youth formal recognition from the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Initiative and leading roles in collaborations that include Raising the Roof’s national initiative, Youthworks.

Choices for Youth continues to lead in the development of initiatives like Beyond the Streets, Canada’s first national youth homelessness conference, which led to the creation of a national youth homelessness network. Partnered with Eva’s Initiatives, Choices for Youth has worked to establish the national Youth Homelessness Learning Community, allowing organizations Canada-wide to collaborate and share best practices.

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Our Vision

Choices for Youth is a dynamic, progressive, youth-focused organization that continually strives to improve the quality of service so as to enhance young people’s lives and enable them to meet their goals.

Our Mission

A Community-based, not-for-profit organization that provides youth with a range of supportive housing options, access to a variety of services that promote healthy personal development, and a sense of belonging within an environment of respect, tolerance, peace, and equality.

Our Operating Principles

Based on the empowerment philosophy, the operating principles of Choices for Youth state that: programming must meet the needs of young people, promote flexibility and innovative responses, and be designed and evaluated in partnership with the youth.